New video: Active Skill Tree revamp, and status update


New video: Active Skill Tree revamp, and status update

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Hello everyone!

This week, we want to present the new Active Skill Tree in our new video. This improved system will offer you more options and freedom for your skills customization, take a peek!

We are still working on the Beta transition, you can track our progression on the latest Trello Roadmap.
Each week the status of the tasks are updated, you will also find there a weekly update on the game’s progression, for the Beta and the final release.

This week, we finalized the new Passive Skill Tree for the Beta and we are currently testing it, along with a “mercenary mode” that will be available for the Beta. This mode will allow you to explore the Act I environments and slash Act I creatures, with various objectives and awesome rewards upon completion.
We are now working on the second game mode that will be available for higher challenges, we will tell you more about this mode later.

Finally, we know you’re waiting for this transition, we are working hard to make it happen as soon as possible, so hold on just a little longer, we’re getting close!

And as always, thank you for your support 🙂

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    Amazing work, everything looks incredible.

    I know it’s probably not high on the radar for the Wolcen team, but a floating HP bar for the player, above your own head would be the best for this game. There’s so much amazing visuals and animations going on in the combat that you get so into it, it’s hard to look to the screen bottom for your HP/Stamina Etc. Even adding it as a toggle-able option in the beta would be greatly appreciated by many people I think.

    Also, right click to move needs to be something people can use if they want.

    I just had to mention those, but aside from that these active skill trees and skills themselves all look amazing



    Cant wait, that’s all I have to say.  This game has taken so long to get moving but I believe it will be worth it.  Thanks for all your hard work!



    I’m having a hard time finding info about the server status and was just wondering whether or not they are down and if not is there any info on when they will be up?

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