Attributes refactor and new Character Sheet


Attributes refactor and new Character Sheet

Hello everyone !

As you well know, Wolcen allows you to be totally free in the development of your character and doesn’t make you chose between predefined classes. We want to keep that philosophy, and expand the interest of every attribute no matter the playstyle you chose.


Attributes Refactor

Since we weren’t satisfied with the current way attributes has an effect on stats, we devised a non-linear complex formula that can determine the effect of an attribute on a stat, based on that attribute’s value compared to the level of an element.

This will allow our players to shape their character’s core attributes. We want you to be able to have viable specialized profiles from level 1 (like a crit-based build), explore interesting builds adapted to your playstyle, and allow you a huge buildup of attributes in endgame without blowing damage numbers up.

Attributes were renamed to reflect all their values. For instance, we wanted strength to mean more than “big muscles”, so we renamed it Ferocity to reflect more aggressiveness and mightiness. It’s easier then to imagine a mage being ferocious or a warrior having a strong willpower.

Here is the list of attributes effects and what they affect:

Ferocity :

  • Melee Damage (compared to monster level)
  • Critical Hit Damage (compared to monster level)
  • Attack Speed (compared to weapon level)
  • Defense Ability (compared to armor level)

Agility :

  • Ranged damage (compared to monster level)
  • Critical Hit Chance (compared to monster level)
  • Move speed
  • Dodge chance (compared to monster level)

Willpower :

  • Spell damage (compared to monster level)
  • Ailment chance (compared to monster level)
  • Health regeneration
  • Spell resistance (compared to monster level)

Toughness :

  • Maximum Health
  • All resistances (compared to monster level)
  • Stamina Regeneration
  • Defense Regeneration

We will provide the details on the formula later should anyone feel interested 😉


New character sheet

The UI for the character sheet has been modified accordingly and expanded to allow players to see exactly what their characters can do.

We wanted a character sheet that would present relevant information to the players in their main window and allow them to see the total effect of their attributes without worrying about the formula.
The exhaustive list of stats can be consulted on the side window of the character sheet. We also revamped those, by removing old obsolete stats and adding new relevant ones.

That is all for today, see you next week for our new devblog ! And as always, thank you all for supporting us 🙂

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    Hey! i would really love to get acces to the exakt formula or all stats since i think finding eventual problems will be easier with that information cause of the lack of total levels achiveable in alpha. getting acces to the acuall function allows for some maths on me freetime and could potentially prove usefull in form of feedback


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    We’re not sharing the formula before the system is fully implemented and permanent 🙂

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