Author: Alan


Work In Progress: Sockets and Gems

Hi everyone! While work on update is progressing at a rapid pace, many of its features are still being worked on or finalized. Today, I’d like to present a highly requested feature (and staple of the Hack and Slash […]


Update Arena mode, defense, protection and more!

  Hi everyone! The team has been busy developing and implementing many cool gameplay features during the last few weeks and some of those are now making their way into the game, trough update! First, the arena mode has […]


Work In Progress: update and upcoming features

Hi everyone! It’s Alan again, and I’d like to talk about content that we’ve been working on at Wolcen Studio. As we’ve previously stated, pushing out quality updates is now a priority for us, and update includes many bug […]


Work In progress: Defense and Resistance mechanic

Hi everyone! My name is Alan and I’m the resident game designer and community manager here at Wolcen Studio. I’m the one who usually writes these articles, even though I often speak for the team as a whole. Today I’d […]


A small announcement regarding patching schedule

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed Wolcen Studio has been working hard for the past year and a half, releasing as much content as we could despite our team being very small in size. We’ve transformed the game landscape […]


Update Signature Skills, new skill types, new uniques and more!

Hi everyone! After being introduced in the last devblog, the first 7 Signature skills are now usable in the game. You can find an extended presentation of this new feature in our devblog To go along with them, all the PST […]


Work In Progress: Signature skills

Hi everyone, I’m Hadrien and today I want to talk a little about our new Signature skills system, which is coming next update. Since most in-game help and tutorials are currently missing, I thought I would give you a quick overview […]


Update New Targeting System, new elemental storms and more !

Hi everyone! Since the release of update 0.5, the team has continued working on story content and gameplay features. While we aim to deliver high-quality story and world content, we also need to improve our core gameplay mechanics and ensure […]


Work In Progress: Targeting and Input Buffering

Hi everyone ! Lucas here, back at the devblog writing desk ! Today, we are going to get technical with one of my latest task: improving player controls and targeting system. Controls have been an issue of Wolcen for quite […]


Update 0.5 : New world map, new quests, new monsters and more!

Hi everyone! Update 0.5 is finally here! It may have taken a few late nights, but the team pulled it off and we are very excited to reveal our new world map and questline! The new world map is much […]