Author: Calistaen [Wolcen Staff]


Fail states modification for the Beta

[DE translation] [RU translation] [FR translation] Hello everyone! September and our Beta transition are approaching really fast! Today, we would like to share a little more about some changes planned. Let’s talk about the fail state in Wolcen: Lords of […]


Beta and Fixed camera rotation

[DE translation] [RU translation] Hello everyone! We would like to provide you with some updates on the Beta. We’re progressing well on all the features planned, and everyone in the studio is working hard to honor the deadline for the […]


Beta status and progression updates

Hello everyone! [FR translation] [DE translation] [RU translation] A little update on our team’s status and how you will be able to track the progression of the Beta. The team is advancing well for September’s huge transition, and we want […]


Past content, future content, Beta, and a nice surprise!

Hello everyone! [German translation] [French translation] [Russian translation] There is a lot to say today. Before presenting you the huge surprise we made for you at the end of this news, I would like to share some information. Let’s start […]


Patch Changelog

[German translation] Hello everyone ! As told on Facebook and Twitter this morning, the patch is delayed to tomorrow in the evening due to technical issues. However, I would like to share with you some preview on what to expect […]


New global roadmap and ETA on patch

Hello everyone! [German translation] [French translation] We’ve been pretty busy this week but here is a little update on the ongoing work. Wolcen global roadmap I’ve made a new informative Roadmap about the progression of the team on the final […]


Wolcen Team interview: Atropos, Game Writer

  Hello everyone ! Atropos joined the Wolcen team in December 2017 and worked since then on the lore and storyline for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Today, I would like to introduce him and his work so you can know […]


Work in progress: bows, new targeting system, overkill effect, bug fixes

German translation available here Hello everyone ! For today’s news I wanted to keep you updated on some features and additions to the game we’re currently developing. First of all, hang tight… BOWS! You’ve been asking them for a while […]



Hello everyone ! Here is the changelog for the hotfix applied today. GENERAL Fixed various crashes. Fixed a crash occurring when hovering the mouse over some high rank enemies. Fixed a item dupe using a shield and a crossbow. VISUALS […]


Welcoming new arrivals,, and tiny preview of what’s to come !

Hello everyone ! [German translation] First of all we would like to address a big welcome and a huge thank you to all the players who have joined us these last few days and support Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. We […]