Fail states modification for the Beta


Fail states modification for the Beta

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Hello everyone!

September and our Beta transition are approaching really fast! Today, we would like to share a little more about some changes planned.

Let’s talk about the fail state in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem!

“Down But Not Out” (DBNO) system

Following your feedback regarding character respawn, we have come up with a system that allows you to respawn at the same spot where your character was defeated, but also keeps character death penalizing in case this happens.

Let’s be a little more specific:

System bases

When a character reaches 0 health, he enters the Down But Not Out state. He’s able to slowly crawl, but cannot perform any other action.
While in DBNO state, the player is ignored by enemies, temporary positive and negative status effects are removed, and he cannot take any damage.

So, how can you recover from that state?

“Revive tokens”

When a player joins the game in single-player mode, he is granted a limited amount of revive tokens, determined by the difficulty chosen.

When reaching the DBNO state, players will have the possibility to use one of their revive tokens to get back on their feet and return to combat. Upon using that token, all nearby enemies are knocked-down, and during a short time of recovery, the character is invulnerable. This protection is removed when the player performs any kind of action or movement.

The number of revive tokens is limited, and when the player runs out of it, the character dies if he reaches 0 health again.

The game will offer the possibility to gain temporary revive tokens by performing different special actions or getting different bonuses.

Revive tokens are only available in single-player mode.

DBNO in Multiplayer

There are no revive tokens in Multiplayer, you rely on your friends and they have to bring you back when your character reaches the DBNO state. During the “resurrection” sequence, both players are locked-in, unless the reviving player cancels it by moving or casting a skill.

Depending on the difficulty settings, the revived character comes back with more or less health, and the sequence can or cannot be interrupted by creatures surrounding the characters.

There will be other variations to this DBNO system in Multiplayer, including high-risk situations that will push cooperation in ways you’ve never experienced in a hack and slash game before. We will have more to share about this in future updates.

Game Over

Game Over occurs when your character dies, or when all the characters of your party are dead. When this happens, you respawn in the last visited town, and all creatures respawn as well.
This gives waypoints an additional value that we appreciate a lot.

In single-player, all your revive tokens are restored when your character dies.

We wanted this system to allow a good balance between players looking for a hardcore gaming experience with punishing death, and a more casual approach of character defeat. It’s also setting a natural difficulty progression and allows players to master the game a bit before getting into real trouble.

This system will be implemented for the Beta, we hope that you will like it, we’re looking forward to your feedback about it!

Know that we have additional features planned for Multiplayer situations, such as being able to spectate a friend, and revive directly on him once every member of the party goes out of combat, which avoids respawning in town and using the teleportation on your friends.
But it might not be available for the Beta, so we will talk about that again later.

That’s all for today 🙂 Remember you can see some Beta preview on our Trello Beta Roadmap board, each week a picture is posted, based on your votes, so you can get a glimpse of what’s to come. Some lore elements are sometimes added as well for those of you who would like to know more about the Wolcen universe.

Thank you very much for your patience during this big transition, and for your support. We can’t wait for you to play the new game we have made with love for you!


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    I am very interested in this game and I think that the team is doing a great job so far.

    I just want to know if there will be any type of competition in the multiplayer, not pvp, but leagues or Rifts like diablo or the new POE crawler?





    will all characters deleted if the Beta starts?

    Have a nice Evening!




    Hi Luetzen,

    Hope you are having a good day. 🙂

    In a previous post they said that they will be rolling all characters back to lvl 1 since they will be implementing all of act 1 and a few different things as well. That way most of us will get to test those things and report bugs earlier. I’m just hoping they implement a bug reporting system directly in game.

    Hope I gave you the answer you were looking for. 🙂

    Kind Regards,


    P.S. I’m not from the development team. 🙂



    Hi Wolcen Team,

    Hope you are having a great day today.

    I was hoping that when the beta launches that we would have a bug reporting system or some kind of ticket system (like Blizzards for example). Also a referral system would be nice and I think would bring more players giving discounts for the game. Can’t wait for the beta. 🙂


    Kind regards,





    Hey nivel,

    Ah okay, that Sounds good. That is a good Idea, the ticket system.

    Have auch good evening!




     but also keeps character death penalizing


    What manner of death penalty are you talking about?  If it’s some manner of permanent, non-recoverable loss of XP then you can count this contributor out, entirely.
    If it’s damage of personal equipment – up to and including loss due to neglecting repair costs – I’d be quite fine with that, so long as more rare items have more ‘health’ (and, as such, are more costly to repair).



    Hi guys, when this game come on Open beta? Im waiting too !



    We all wait about the Beta 🙂



    Any updates regarding the beta?

    "That is not dead what can eternal lie,
    and with strange aeons even death may die."



    Just be patient. Still one week left in September 😉


    Gerson Arias

    So hype! for the beta! cheers guys! thank you for everything!



    Im so hyped played one time already hooked. So nice a game you make here 🙂

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