Beta and Fixed camera rotation


Beta and Fixed camera rotation

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Hello everyone!

We would like to provide you with some updates on the Beta. We’re progressing well on all the features planned, and everyone in the studio is working hard to honor the deadline for the Beta transition.

If you wish to see some previews, you can visit the Trello Beta Roadmap and vote for the preview that you would like to see 😉 Every Monday, another sneak peek is posted based on your votes.

Presently, our developers are all focused on the creation and implementation of all the new creatures, effects, characters, weapons, armors, animations and environments, and of course Multiplayer, just for you! We’re all really excited about this, and we’re quite confident you will be too.

Now, let’s talk about the rotating camera. As told in the Beta news, the feature was removed because we realized it was barely used and considered confusing. We know you don’t all agree on that point, and that some of you were disappointed by this choice. Although we’re confident you will appreciate the change, we would like to tell you a little more about the other reasons why we made that change and share with you another preview of the Beta game.

When we first started the development of Umbra, we tried many camera configurations. Different focal, distances, angles, and movement… As the development progressed, we started identifying a few small issues, and in the end, we realized that the rotating camera didn’t serve the gameplay like we expected.

Here at Wolcen Studio, we want the quality of gameplay to come first. When something goes in the way of a good game experience, we seek out solutions to make it better. That’s what we did for the rotating camera.

For the Beta version of the game, we want to improve the camera by streamlining its behaviour, get the ‘perfect’ settings, and freeze the rotation control for players.

One of our main priorities on Wolcen, with the quality of action, is visual quality. Passionate artists work hard every day here to deliver a beautiful experience, and having only one camera angle greatly improves our ability to achieve this objective.

In the meantime, level design is clearer for the player, and it should be easier for you to enjoy and follow the flow of the action without getting lost or lose the rhythm of the adventure.

Last but not least, optimization is facilitated, and production time of a given area is reduced, allowing us to do more content of a higher quality.

At the end, this was a great experiment for us. The top-down camera has the advantage of giving a great visibility of gameplay, and we really want to make the most out of this possibility.

We hope that this explanation made our choice a little more clear for you. Of course, you will have the opportunity to tell us what you think about these changes during the Beta in September.

See you soon!

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    I really appreciate that change, it made me confused where to go and didn’t get any flow in my dungeon runs.

    As always, keep up the hard work and we’ll see eachother on the other side!!


    Kind Regards


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    I bought this game at least 50% for the rotating camera. Now I feel like I’ve been bait and switched. Please return the rotating camera option. Your game is already far prettier than any other ARPG… losing the rotating camera for that purpose is pointless.



    I, myself found the rotating camera not really useful. But I’m sure there are some people who do.

    Maybe you could disable the rotating camera by default, but still let it be in the game? So people can enable it in the options menu.

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    Hey guys. The reason why the camera won’t have an option to be enabled is the production costs required to create a full 3D environment. If you only have to create what the camera sees, you’ll save a huge amount of time & money, as you don’t have to allow for players rotating the camera around. You can literally have empty space behind the camera and no one would know. The artist then has alot more time to really focus on making that one view look amazing. The 3D environment would more or less resemble a stage in a theatre if that makes sense.

    I’ve played many ARPG’s, and in all honesty, a rotating camera isn’t a huge plus for me. I can happily play without it, and I think everyone will enjoy the results of having beautiful environment to walk through. The artists can really approach these scenes more like a painter.




    Looks great guys. Agree with the choices. Any chance we could get a roadmap for your monthly goals for this year? Super interested in some particular goals you guys have for 2018.



    Love the decision! Not only will this improve gameplay/graphics, it was also keep orientation consistent. 😀



    Just wow. So glad to hear. I am looking forward to playing it again when the beta comes. Keep up the AWESOME work guys 😁



    Hi Guys,


    Any news on the beta roll-out?


    Thank you! 🙂

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