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Update 0.4.2: Dungeon Minimap, Improved Dash and more !

Hi everyone ! While developing update 0.5, progress has been made on a major feature that many of our players have been requesting for a long time : the minimap ! So here is update 0.4.2, feature a working minimap […]


Work In Progress: Traps

Hi everyone ! My name is Lucas, I am a gameplay, network and UI programmer here at Wolcen Studio and you may know me as Caracole on the game’s Discord and Steam forums. I have been working on Wolcen: Lords […]


Update 0.4.1 : New spells, new shields, force-move and more !

Hi everyone ! While the team is heavily focused on building the world and quests for update 0.5, work has continued toward improving other aspects of the game. This update adds new spells and items to the game, and adds […]


Work In Progress: Quests system

My name is and I am Gameplay and Rendering programmer here at Wolcen Studio, but you may know me as Nyhlus on the game’s Discord and our Steam forums. I have worked on Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem for over […]


Meet the team !

is made in Nice, France by a team of 13. People came from all over the country to be a part of the team, and all the available space is now filled in the office ! Our office is sectioned […]


Update 0.4.0: Active skills tree, Cloud mode, Daily Dungeon and more!

Hi everyone !   With this update, we are introducing the “Cloud mode”. In this mode, your save data (character, chest, house…) will be stored on our servers. You can still play in offline mode (with everything stored on your […]


Wolcen Early Access anniversary!

Hi everyone ! Today is a special day for us, as it marks the one-year anniversary of Wolcen’s Early Access launch. To celebrate, we’ll take a look back at the origins of Wolcen, up to all the content that has […]


Work In Progress: Active Skill Trees

Hi everyone ! As you can see in the video, it is possible to level-up a skill to level 25. Skill that are slotted in your action bar will receive a portion of your experience points, and their characteristics will […]


Update 0.3.7 : Skull Crusher, new armors and more !

Hi everyone ! Update 0.3.7 has been deployed ! A new monster is awaiting in the grass fields, the mighty Skull Crusher. We’ve already revealed some of his moves in a previous devblog and you can now fight against him […]


Patch 0.3.6 – Mage Staves and Hit Animations!

Hi everyone ! Today we are releasing update 0.3.6, which finally brings Mage Staves to the game ! Each Staff comes in four variety, depending on its elemental type. As you’ll see, each element has a different attack style ! […]