Houdini Artist

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Permanent Full-time /Freelance


Remote or Hybrid

Job Description

Wolcen Studio is searching for a Houdini artist to join its environment art team working on an unannounced project in Unreal engine 5. You are a great candidate for our role if feeling confident with the technical constraints the environment's creation involves,  you are deeply interested in what makes an environment look good and always eager to improve your artistic eye in order to create unique worlds the player will remember. We want to hear from you if you are also able to switch from a technical to an artistic standpoint, and know how to translate a vision into procedural rules. All of these probably make you the rare gem we are looking for!

The ideal candidate is organized and self-motivated and must work well with others, enjoy and seek out collaboration. You will work with multiple disciplines to identify effective solutions, you will serve as a communicator with the goal of ensuring all involved parties have a common understanding of the system and our shared goals.

What you will do as a senior technical animation at Wolcen :

  • Offering clear solutions to translate the concept arts and research into procedural rules.
  • Being a point of contact between level design and level art to dress the world in a way that makes it fun to play, beautiful, and easy to iterate on.
  • Implementing procedural systems and tools in the engine.
  • Keeping track of the impact those systems can have on performances with the help of the environment technical artist/director.
  • Giving support to the environment art team using procedural tools (feedback, documentation, assistance).
  • Fixing bugs with the procedural content being created.
  • Other related responsibilities could be assigned depending on the project’s needs.

Skills and Requirements

  • Worked on at least one game that has been released.
  • Already created tools to explore the environment's art creation using Houdini.
  • Great sense of communication - team player.
  • Good artistic eye in general, knowledge of art (painting, drawing, cinema, video games etc.)
  • Great technical skills to understand the impact that world building can have on performances.
  • Great observation skills, understanding the impact each object placed in the world could have on its surroundings.
  • Attention to detail and story telling in a scene.
  • Being able to switch between a global point of view / understanding to a much closer one and vice versa.
  • Used to real time editors like Unreal engine, Unity, or CryEngine.
  • Feeling comfortable with software like Houdini, Substance designer, 3dsmax and/or Blender.
  • Knowledge using tools like blueprints would be a plus.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work independently, sharing updates on a regular basis.

How to Apply

If you think you match the above information, we are happy to receive your application at [email protected]