2018 Roadmap for Wolcen

Hello everyone ! The last year has been significantly important for the development and the evolution of Wolcen. From version 0.3.5 to we released a dozen patches and pushes at least as many hotfixes. 2017 was about giving our […]


Update Hotfixes and public release of update

Hello everyone ! Following the experimental version of patch, and thanks to the great help of our Community and the hard work of our developers, we are now ready to release the update for everyone. The update brings […]


Update Character Sheet revamp, Maleficient, Assassin, Pistols, Gems, Archivist…

Hello everyone ! This update is temporarily in experimental mode on Steam. To access the branch:  Go into game properties. Beta tab, and opt in. First news is:  Fresh start ! The major changes applied by this patch required us to […]

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