Technical Beta: Phase 2 is live!

[DE translation] [RU translation] Hello everyone! Phase 2 is now available, let’s see all the nice additions we made for this new testing phase. I also want to share a bit of future acts progression, and invite you to share […]


Technical Beta Phase 1 is ending

[DE translation] [RU translation] Hello everyone! The first phase of the Technical Beta will be closed today at 3PM CET. We want to thank you all for participating, thanks to you we gathered a lot of feedback, bugs and crash […]


Technical Beta Phase 1 is a go!

[RU translation] Hello everyone! Phase 1 of the technical Beta started yesterday evening and will be up until October 25th. This news will give you the steps to follow so you can participate to the P1 T-Beta, we also added […]

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    Hey, guys!

    How about GOG version. Will the beta available there?



    I did spend yesterday some time in the beta to test the different playstyles.

    With a two-handed weapon the fights feel quite boring and way too slow.

    Two swords are more dynamic. Same for staff with spells, but I preferred most 1 handed weapon with off-hand to still cast spells.

    I mainly used the frost nova thing combined with physical damage.

    Overall I still need to find out, how to set up the control settings best.

    A lot of small bugs still, but for a technical beta sufficient I guess.

    Looking forward for the final product



    Mon premier commentaire c’est perdu dans les abimes du forum …

    Donc pour faire court: La T Béta 1 était bien trop légère en terme de contenu pour que l’on s’intéresse au multi et éprouver les serveurs (deux heures de jeu grand max et c’était fini). Selon moi ces deux pré béta ne sont pas utiles, car le but d’une béta c’est justement d’éprouver le jeu avant sa sortie. Il fallait donc passer directement par là.

    For non french speakers, summary:

    T beta 1 was too small in content, so no interest to test the multiplayers. A real one beta would be better.




    Well, they did say upfront what will be playable in T1 beta.

    For me it was exactly what they promised upfront.

    “<span style=”background-color: #111111; color: #d5d5d5; font-family: Arial; font-size: 14px;”>Since the main goal of this technical Beta is to see how the game reacts on our servers in Multiplayer, you will be able to experience the game with your friends!”</span>

    The real beta, will hopefully be a close to launch beta. Fully playable with only minor bugs and improvements.


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