Experimental Update 0.3.0 : Passive Skill Tree and Housing preview !


Experimental Update 0.3.0 : Passive Skill Tree and Housing preview !

Hi everyone !

Today we are excited to finally bring you a taste of both our new Passive Skill Tree and Housing systems in the form on a experimental branch update !

This update is optional, and only players who wish to experiment and give early feedback should opt-in. There are a few things to know if you do want to download the patch :

  • You need to create a new character.
  • Only the first two rings of the tree are available for now.
  • A few skills cannot be activated because some mechanics have yet to be implemented (stances, mob aggro, …)
  • Some skills depend on under-used mechanics (light armor specialization, backstab, shadow and sacred damage, …)
  • The location of skills in the sub-classes will be subject to changes, and the skills themselves are being balanced.
  • Lore quotes are being written and will be added periodically. Feel free to submit yours if you think it fits a particular skill !
  • Stat points attribution in the character sheet will remain.
  • You can respec your skill points for free by talking to the Loremaster. It won’t always be that way, of course.
  • You can spend skill points and rotate the tree by visiting the Gate of Fates in Amarth. The tree can also be consulted at anytime by pressing P.
  • You can be attacked and die while looking at the Passive Skill Tree in the wilderness.
  • There are a few known bugs with housing. Those are being fixed and will be detailed in a dedicated forum thread.
  • Furniture can be bought with gold for now, but crafting materials will be made available in the future.
  • Your house can be accessed by talking to the house master near the bridge in Amarth
  • The update adds auto-dashing attacks. Dashing can be disabled and enabled at will using the dedicated button on the UI or with the F key.
  • Changes have been made to enemy health and damage, as well as weapon damage and armor. Further changes will be made during the week in order to provide balance.

This update comes with many other improvements and a partial rebalance of many game elements. This Branch will be updated over the week as we listen to feedback and bug reports.
Once the short testing period ends, the update will be made available to everyone with a detailed changelog and will pack even more improvements. This is by far the biggest update we ever made for the game, and dedicated feedback threads will be created in the forums.

To download this preview patch, open the properties window of the game in Steam, and choose the experimental version in the betas tab.

We can’t wait to see what kind of builds you come up with and watch your houses being built !

Have fun !

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    Nice, i love experimental stuff. Keep up the good work!

    Could you make an online version of the tree, so people can map their builds and share them? (Like in Path of Exile, WOW; etc…)

    I find this to be a wonderful feature to think about a build, as well as explaining it to others.
    For newcomers, this tree might seem overwhelming. Giving them a chance to sit down and get familiar with it before leveling prevents them from making “wrong” builds and a lot of frustration.



    There is a guy in town next to the wheel that lets you spin the skill tree that will let you reset

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