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Hello everyone!

It’s now time to focus on the Gameplay Beta transition for everyone and give you some more information about the next days.

Gameplay Beta this week!

As you noticed, the Cloud mode for the Alpha is not working anymore and you can only play offline for the moment. That’s because we are currently preparing the servers for the Gameplay Beta transition. And yes, that means we are getting really close!

The estimated date for the Gameplay Beta release is March 28. Although the testing shows good sign of a stable enough version, keep in mind that this release date is not 100% guaranteed.
Of course, we will keep you updated should this date changes at any point.

With the Gameplay Beta release comes a price increase for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. On the confirmed date of the Gameplay Beta release, the game will be available for 29.99€.
Purchasing it then will, of course, still grant you access to the Gameplay Beta and the full release of the game.

Along with the Gameplay Beta release comes all the work we’ve done this last year to make this improved and ambitious version: Multiplayer, new environments, new characters, new animations, new skills and skill variants, new items, monsters, and new game modes with various difficulties for all kinds of tastes in challenges. We worked a lot to polish this awesome gameplay and offer you the best player experience and game quality.

The Gameplay Beta is planned to have regular updates, both for hotfixes and for content, all these will be tracked on the roadmap and announced through news. Also, as announced previously, the Gameplay Beta will not have the campaign mode implemented. However, you will be able to meet with Wolcen’s universe through the lore added on various elements (uniques, skills…).

This is going to be a big step for Wolcen, for you and for all of us. We want to thank you from all our hearts for your support all these years, and mostly for your huge patience and understanding. It was a tough ride, but now we’re getting really close.

Added note for clarification: You can still purchase the game for 19.99€ and have access to the Alpha, Beta, and full release of the game until the Beta transition. The price will change the day of the Gameplay Beta release. You don’t have to purchase the game again to have access to future updates and the game release.

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