Content Patch 1: progress update

Hello everyone!

We are now 3 weeks away from Content Patch 1’s release and all our forces are combined here at Wolcen Studio to make it awesome on all aspects. This week, I want to share with you some of our progress:

We are now finishing all the visual modifications required for the new skill modifiers although there are still some details to polish and you have to keep in mind that these videos are still showing a work in progress.
Here are a few additional modifiers that you will have in Content Patch 1:

Assassin’s Flurry

This new modifier will allow you to teleport behind your target with Slayer’s Flurry.


Ring of Ishmir

This new modifier will allow you to perform AOE damage in a ring shape once landing with Wings of Ishmir.


Tear of Abanazar

You will be able to change damage type for Tear of Etheliel into fire damage.


Our environment team is working a lot on all the needs for the cinematics and dynamic scenes from Act I. They are also adding more destroyable items for you to crush and more storytelling in the environments that you will discover or revisit with Content Patch 1.


As I told you in a previous news, wild creatures will be added with Content Patch 1 to populate the forest alongside svriirs and bandits. Let’s welcome the wild bears and spiders!





That’s it for our weekly news guys and gals, see you soon for more information about our progress!

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