Content Patch 1: work in progress

Hello everyone!

Today we would like to share the progression on the story and cutscenes, on some Active Skill Tree new modifiers, and some in-game implementations. But first of all, let’s set a date! You can expect the Content Patch 1 in about a month. Our internal date is set for May 30!


Content Patch 1 will allow you to discover the beginning of the game until the Act I boss. We want you to live the adventure with quality as close as possible to the final release version. This represents a colossal work, and all our efforts are directed to the goal of providing you an epic experience.

17 cutscenes from various lengths are planned for Act I, along with various dynamic scenes. And just in case you feel more interested in the next slaying, our programmers have added the possibility to skip these 

Here is a small preview of two cutscenes so you can have a glimpse on the level of quality we are aiming for the game:


Operation Dawnbane


Svriir Raid


Dialog system

We’re also working on dialogs implementation, we’ve improved it a bit compared to the Alpha.

NPC dialog


Talk-to dialog


Gameplay dialog


Character outline

We’ve improved the character visibility when passing through environments that could prevent from seeing it. This will be implemented with Content Patch 1 as well. The character outline system also works with big creatures, so you never lose track of your character.


Active Skill Tree new modifiers

Finally, the work on new modifiers is also progressing well. We decided to focus on skills that were lacking major modifiers compared to the other ones. A minor modifier is a passive bonus granted to the specific skill (willpower or rage cost / more or less damage…). A major modifier changes drastically the skill and opens other possibilities (multiple projectiles, damage type…). Here are some skills we’re currently working on:

Bulwark of Dawn – Recast


Bleeding Edge – Follow


Stings of Krearion – Ghosts


We will share more elements in the next few weeks to keep you updated on our progression. Stay tuned!

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