Content Patch 2: Wrath of Sarisel - General information

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Hello everyone!

Today we’re happy to introduce the next Content Patch called Wrath of Sarisel and give you some general information on what it will contain.


Lore spoilers!

Sarisel is one of the last three Primordials, known as the Primordial of Purity. Yudaï mentions him as “the insane one” during his conversation with Mizzeonth in the Primordial Superstructure.

While he might be one of the last entities that demons and Fallens alike fear in secret, his extreme zeal prohibits all nuances in the choice of his targets. Unfortunately, the mysterious powers that your character acquired led Sarisel to brand you as impure, since humans are not meant to possess this kind of powers.

To fulfill his vision and cleanse you from this world, Sarisel sent his faithful and deadly halfbreed assassins after you. It’s just a matter of time before they find you.


The Sarisel challenge will be integrated as a dungeon alteration in the Soldier of Fortune game mode (Expeditions).

It is designed to be challenging and requires a real cooperative effort and strategy in Multiplayer, but it can also be activated in solo (although it is not recommended). Therefore, new systems will be implemented to allow such interactions, like the aggro system.

This new challenge will contain gameplay changes to make it unique and rewarding, and we will give you more details about these in future news posts:

  • New death rules
  • New looting rules
  • Rewards based on various parameters (such as kill count, boss ranks, overall drop rates...)
  • Unique item affixes that can only be obtained in this challenge
  • Victory screen with individual and group stats

Along with this new challenge, Wrath of Sarisel Content Patch will also include:

  • 5 new skills and their associated 40 modifiers for melee and ranged characters, including the return of Whirlwind
  • A new balancing review
  • Altars
  • New unique items
  • First version of the animation cancel for skills to improve gameplay fluidity and reduce the clunkiness feeling
  • Improvements for the ailments system
  • Improvements for loading times
  • Bug fixes, of course
  • And more…

As we move forward with the development of this content patch, we will keep you updated about all these improvements brought with Wrath of Sarisel, introduce you to the new skills and their various modifiers, and possible additions that we are yet unsure to implement with this content patch, but would really love to make available again to you.


Although Content Patch 2 was internally planned for the month of July, the delays from Content Patch 1 have led us to push this new update at a later date.
We will keep you informed on the specific release date for Wrath of Sarisel in September.

Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for all the feedback you have yet provided following the last Content Patch. We’ll always keep an eye on your thoughts so continue to share them and report issues you encounter in-game, it helps us a lot :)

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Created: 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Turkish language please

Created: 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Spanish language please

Created: 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Since you recommend taking this new challenge in multiplayer, I assume you will have your matchmaking system working better before then? Way too many disconnects and odd bugs. I hope this matchmaking feature that looks like Diablo 3's, gets removed all together. Diablo 2's system to create/join with games having names, works the best in my opinion.

Created: 11 months, 3 weeks ago

I am very excited about this update.
Wolcen is my favorite game these days and I really hope to see him growing bigger and bigger and becoming a respectful ARPG.

Created: 11 months, 2 weeks ago

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