Development Update - April 2021

Hello everyone,

We are currently working on a content patch that will be the second part of Bloodstorm. This content patch will add more of the features announced, as well as some others that we will add based on your feedback, such as:

  • Legendary & Unique items to be marked on the minimap.
  • Increase maximum stack size for Gems and Crafting Reagents from 20 to 100.

We are also working on developing other top suggested Quality of Life improvements such as “Making the latest difficulty level chosen in the Expeditions window be the one selected by default when opening the UI”, that we hope we can have for our next patch, or the one after depending on how well we progress on other core changes. If you want to help us target the most important improvements to you, hop on our Official Discord, in the #suggestion channel, and either post one, or scroll through and upvote the suggestions you find relevant.

Some of the more complicated features still require more time (Summons improvements, Crafting UI improvement..), we want to make sure that they are ready and as polished as possible when they will be released. We also work on Balancing and Bug fixing while we develop these features, improving the core of the game is and will always remain a priority.

Thank you all for your support, and have a great day!

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Created: 6 months, 1 week ago

Category: Announcements

Very good news.

Please give some love for apocalyptical feature.

Apocalypt form in end game just exist to save from a death.

So wolcen studio could to create "apocalypt expeditions". There we drop "apocalypt itens". We turn into apocalyptical and we keep our main human shape skills. And theses itens would to boost speed/etc. Beyond that they could to create a buttom to turn on/off apocalyptical.

Apocalyptical form turned on once it's full bar - When a player press R we change in apocalypt form.
Apocalyptical form turned Off once it's full bar and player press R - We keep human. But we get some bonus in human shape while apocalyptic bar is active. (Awesome for human shape).

There are infinites possibilities to do it. And it's a strong suggestion for next WOLCEN THEME!!!!

Created: 6 months ago

What is the point of putting out a QoL patch that doesn't fix gamebreaking bugs that have been around for far too long? I can't even pass the Oshara third fight without getting insta-gibbed due to a well documented bug where you take instant damage from an invisible source (buff or no buff) please just fix these game breaking bugs. would love to use Flight of Gaavnir while we're at it. my character keeps getting stuck waiting for the hammer to return forever. seems to be an uneven ground issue (which has many other problems it causes)

Created: 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Hi, any news on the expected time for the next patch with new content? Thanks!

Created: 5 months ago

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