Development Update - June 2021

Hello everyone,

Today we want to give you more information on the timeline we are currently aiming for, and whilst we will always keep you up to date with our progress please bear in mind that it might be subject to change if we think a feature needs more development time.

Bloodstorm Part II (Content Patch 2) was released on May 18th and brought:

  • New monsters,
  • New environments,
  • Loot Filter improvements,
  • Animation improvements for almost every skill in the game,
  • The Sarisel and Tributary items marked in the stash/inventory,
  • Quality of Life improvements.

Early/Mid July: Content Patch 3

This content patch will bring:

  • Summons Revamp,
  • New environments,
  • New skills' damage type variations,
  • New Cosmetic Armor,
  • Quality of Life improvements.

The changes to the summons that we are implementing are massive - they will include:

  • Complete cosmetic revamp - Models, animations, and VFX entirely redone
  • Skill mechanics redesigned - Improved behavior and control
  • Having them respawn automatically,
  • Seeing their damage in their tooltips and on-screen
  • Power scaling with your character, equipment, and Gate of Fates nodes.

September/October: Content Patch 4

This content patch will bring:

  • New end-game activities and rewards system,
  • New monsters,
  • New environments,
  • New skills damage type variations,
  • New Cosmetic Armor.

Our goal is to add new mission types and better rewards mechanics for our end-game system, we will give you more details on these in future Development Updates.

November/December: Content Patch 5

  • New environments,
  • New monsters,
  • Controller Support,

We have a dedicated team working on Controller Support and are making sure the feature is ergonomic and player-friendly. We’re aiming for a release in November/December, although, as previously stated, this might be subject to changes based on how well we progress on its development.

Crafting: We initially planned on implementing a few changes to the User Interface and crafting items description, as well as changing the Abyssal Tear item’s behavior. However, the Crafting system as it currently is needs more than a few tweaks, thus, we will take more time to work on this feature, and will let you know about the changes we are planning in an upcoming Development Update.

Bug fixing: We will continue to work on bug fixing, as we have always done. Improving the core of the game is still a priority in our workflow. We will add bug fixing patches in between content patches whenever possible, as well as bug fixes within Content Patches like it was the case for Bloodstorm Part II.

Quality of Life improvements: We will keep browsing through all the suggestions you send us daily, identify which ones are the most upvoted/asked for, and try to select some of them to be added to each content patch

We will tell you more about the features previously announced here in our future Monthly Development Updates.

Thank you very much for your support.

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