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We will be releasing Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem on Steam in just about two weeks, but before we do, there’s some important information we want to share with you, our backers. Considering today’s Early Access landscape and our desire to create a strong, robust community around our game, we have decided to set the price of the alpha version of the game to 20 USD at the start of Steam Early Access on March 24. This initial price will allow the game to be more accessible to those still discovering it for the first time, providing even more voices to help shape the experience as it grows.

We realize that some of you may have concerns at this news – and we understand that, had we had this information at the time of our Kickstarter campaign, you may have decided to invest your money differently. Your good will and support has allowed us to build this company, this team, and this game, and we want to ensure your contributions feel appropriately valued and appreciated as we continue forward. To that end, we plan on updating a number of our various backer tiers with additional rewards to reflect this new initial Early Access release price. Keep in mind that these new bonuses are in addition to – not in place of – the rewards each relevant tier will already be receiving:

All backers of the WARRIOR tier will now receive alpha access to the game on Steam Early Access.

All backers of the KNIGHT and above tiers will earn entry to the Early Access alpha, as well as an additional exclusive cosmetic weapon skin pack.

All APPRENTICE-level backers will receive alpha access, the previously described weapon pack, and an additional exclusive item. We have a few options we’re considering for what this item will be – it might be special armor, an exclusive pet skin, or something else entirely inspired by the community! If you qualify for this tier or above, you can reply directly to the email we sent you until April 7 with any suggestions for things you’d like to see. All backers of the SORCERER tier and above will receive all the previously listed exclusive items, as well as the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game (when it is available), with an estimated value of at least 39 USD. It will include an exclusive pet skin, a digital design works art book, and several exclusive cosmetic assets, both for character customization and for the Dungeon Challenge to come. And we’d like to add some other form of exclusive on top of these rewards, so again, if you have other ideas for things you’d like to see, we’d love to hear them – just reply directly to this message for your ideas.

We hope you understand our reasons for this decision, and we hope we will continue to receive your passion and support going ahead from here. Your backing in the very beginning was invaluable for us as a company, and we want to make sure we do right by your faith in us in the future. We’ll be accepting feedback by answering the email you received until April 7, so please don’t hesitate to send us any thoughts you may have as soon as possible!

Please note that not every exclusive reward will be available during this initial alpha period of the game’s development. We are deeply focused at this stage on delivering the core gameplay features that will make Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem a great experience to play. We will update you with additional information on backer rewards as they become available.

Best regards, Daniel Dolui, CEO,

And all of us at Wolcen Studio!

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