Explanation for the new name and backers access to the Early Alpha

Hi everyone !

In light of the recent announcements, we realized many of you have questions regarding the new names and the availability of the Early Access release for Kickstarter backers.

So why did we change names ?

Copyright reasons, simple as that. Turns out Umbra is already taken and our Game Director Daniel Dolui had to come up with a new name.
But don’t worry, the theme of the Umbra will still be present throughout the game and its lore. As an example, Umbral damage is an elemental type and a category of spells, and some enemies will have resistance against it.


About the Early Access and Kickstarter backers

When we launched our Kickstarter campaign back in May 2015, we made different tiers of rewards available depending on the pledge amount.
Here is how it works :

The initial ALPHA build will be released on Steam Early Access om March 24.

Exclusive items packs will be sent via Email when they are ready (probably near the GOLD release launch date).

You can refer to the Kickstarter page to see all the rewards tiers.
If you did not back the game but wishes to support us in making a great game, Early Access will give you instant access to the Alpha build.

We hope this answers your questions regarding Early Access.

Thank you for your support.

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