• Fixed an issue where the hunt trail would sometimes not be generated on the second floor of an expedition.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing the modifier “Anamnesis” during a Hunt would sometimes cause the trail to stop working.
  • Fixed an issue where projectile skills would sometimes deal no damage despite hitting the target.
  • Fixed an issue where the unique item “Maelström”’s unique affix would not increase the next Elemental spell’s damage if the previous spell used had a different base Element.
  • Fixed an issue where the Omega Svriir and the Fireblood Omega Svriir’s animations would be offset.Fixed an issue where the character wouldn’t be able to move while using the Loot Filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the 3 pillars in the Chapter 3 Boss’ arena would not have their health bars displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects and the animation of the “Hammer of Aurora” skill from the Aspect of Dawn wouldn’t be synced.
  • The affixes that increase the material, occult or elemental ailment chance score are now correctly displayed as flat score instead of percentage
  • Fixed an issue where the Gate of Fades node “Pact Master's Song” in the Abyssal Shaper part of the Gate of Fates would give a 12% Occult Ailment chance score instead of 15%.
  • The Gate of Fates node “His Whispered Lullabies” now increases inflicted Occult Ailments duration by 25% instead of increasing Ailment chance score.
  • Fixed an issue where a non-textured area would be visible when getting out of the “Ravaged Camp” during the Chapter 1 Quest “Meet the Purifiers”.

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