KS UPDATE #13 : Modding Possibilities of Umbra

Yesterday was an incredible day with more than $20,000 in pledges in a single day! Thanks to all of your support, you made June 9 the 3rd best day for Umbra.

We are so glad that you enjoyed the pets skins we provided, and we want to once again take a moment to thank Brian Fargo and the crew over at inXile for talking about Umbra over at The Bard’s Tale IV!

We are close to reaching Hero Defense Mode, the first stretch goal that will introduce a multiplayer mode to Umbra, and we are excited to see how it will soon become a reality!

Now, as for today’s update, we want to present to you a video about the modding possibilities in the game.

We took some time to record some footatge to show you some really easy tweak example of what our game system can do. It is a glimpse of what modders will be able to do, since all our game system are based on XML files.

As stated before in other updates, please remember that the CryEngine Sandbox Editor modders will need for important modification is not our product, so we cannot redistribute it. We try to keep some compatibility with the CryEngine FreeSDK, but the optimal way to mod the game will be to get your hands on the CryEngine EAAS.

We want to thank all the members of the community who have worked hard to create fansites about the game, translate our campaign to other language or spread the word on social media! We just received a shout-out from Larian Studios thanks to backers who came to them mentioning our name, and this is amazing for us, since we’re also big fans of Larian Studios! Be sure to check out Divinity: Original Sin from them since it’s an awesome game you should all be playing.

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