Monthly Development Update - July 2021


Hello everyone,

We released Wolcen: Arise on July 26th and wanted to use July’s Monthly Development Update to give you more details on what we have planned for the Summons.

Since Wolcen: Arise, Summons now scale with your character, here is a list of what Summons currently scale with:

  • Weapon Damage;
  • Ailment Damage;
  • Total Attributes Bonus Damage;
  • Skill’s Flat Damage Bonus (Gems, XX damage on spells..);
  • Skill’s Damage (%damage, %spell damage, %projectile damage…);
  • Skill’s Bonus Damage Type Percentage (%material/elemental/occult damage);
  • Skill’s Bonus Specific Damage Type Percentage (%fire/lightning/aether... damage); -
    Note: There is currently an issue preventing the tooltip from showing these increases, but the summons do scale with these affixes, we’ll address this tooltip issue as soon as possible
  • Projectile Count.

Based on your feedback and how well the summons perform both in the story and in end-game expeditions, we plan on tweaking what they already scale with, as well as having them scale with more affixes and bonuses, such as:

  • Better scaling per level;
  • Scaling with the character's attributes:
  • Spellcasting speed having an impact on the summons' attack speed.
  • Summons benefiting from the player’s crit chance.
  • Summons gaining a health bonus from the player's +%health.
  • Pierce strength

We also wanted to give you more information on other features that we are working on, starting with the new end-game activities and rewards system.

Our goal is to give you more things to do in end-game, this is why we are designing new end-game activities with several levels of difficulty that will affect the number of enemies, the timer to complete the activity, the HP of the enemies, etc... We will also include a targeted rewards system to give you better control over what kind of equipment you'll get. Here are a couple of examples of these activities:

  • Conquer - Arena: Reach key locations and conquer them by killing waves of enemies;
  • Interact - Kill: Interact with entities to trigger a boss fight;
  • Hold - Defend: Kill enemies while defending civilians;
  • Timer - Kill: Kill the target, you can also complete a secondary objective before the end of the timer to obtain more rewards.

These are just a few examples of what we are currently working on, and, while these might not all be included in our next content patch, our goal is to design and create enough of them to give you a lot of choices in what activities to run in the end-game. All these activities will fit in the lore of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem and feature different Biomes and sub-biomes, with their own ambiance and enemies type.

One of the things we also work on currently and plan on adding to our next content patch is the non-damaging skills scaling, here are the skills we are looking at and how they would scale:

  • Blood for Blood

The duration of the buff would scale with the level of the skill.

  • Bulwark of Dawn

The amount of healing would scale with the level of the skill.

  • Mark of Impurity

The bonus damage from the mark would scale with the level of the skill.

  • Sovereign Shout

The duration of the buff would scale with the level of the skill.

Lastly, we wanted to reiterate that our goal is to keep improving Wolcen with your feedback in mind, and we want to continue our efforts by giving you more things to do in end-game, more build variety by working on balancing, new items and affixes, and improving the overall quality of the game by working on its core.

If you want to help us do that, you can leave us suggestions and feedback in the comments, or on our Official Discord.

Thank you for your support.

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