Patch 0.1.9 : Huge performance improvements, Weather system, Weapon trails, Death system WIP, new Localization and more !

Huge performance improvements. The performance shouldn’t decrease over time now.

New: Weather system version 1.0. The sky is now more dynamic, with giant clouds blocking the sun, and rain all over the world of Wolcen.
New: Dynamic weapon trails! The system is now fully fonctionnal. It will alow use to add nice trail effects to all weapons and skills using sets of particles. Most weapon particles are currently WIP.
New: Once dead, you can only respawn in Amarth. Enemies will respawn. Every looted items on the ground will disappear.
New: Merchant purchases will now use gold limitation.
New: Active Effect for various magic icons (burn, open wound, movement speed) – Still WIP, some effects are not displaying icons at the moment.
Fixed various crashes involving enemies projectile

Improved: The HUD displaying loot icons is now running in 60 frame per second – Icon struttering is fixed.
Fixed: Waypoints name weren’t displayed on minimap.
Fixed : various bug displaying item details
New : Tooltip for Character Sheet details have been added
Improved: The Book tutorial will not appear out of the tutorial area
Fixed: Missing icons in the Passive Skill tree

Improved: English localization thanks to Squidcake!
New: Spanish localization by ldtime. Thank you ldtime!
New: French localization.
Fixed : A lot of missing strings have been replaced in both English and French.

Improved: Dead impulse is now more realistic. Most enemies doesn’t feel like weighing 20kg anymore.
New weapons to loot !
Improved: Enemies with elemental aura and affinity don’t have a permanent aura anymore – The effect is now active for a limited time, then disappears, and appears again (regular pulse)
Fixed a glitch allowing the player to move fast after a dodge (space bar)
Greatly reduced bleed damage inflicted by butchers
Improved: Dialog boxes stay now 15secondes instead of 7.
Fixed: All enemies are now affected by the dead impulse (some of them were just falling on the ground).
Fixed: The player will never be blocked in a non walkable area (fixed – the previous patch was not 100% working)

Fixed : Capes are now properly saved and loaded

Various fixes for player animations
Ogre default attack modified


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