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Hello everyone!

We know that you’ve been expecting some news from the status of the team and our progress on future content, and we would like to share a bit more about the upcoming plans for Wolcen.

Our team is currently working on two fronts: the final Second Dawn patch( with its bug fixing and balancing review, which will be delivered in late July, and the first Chronicle(1.1.0) for which we’re currently aiming for Autumn 2020.
The Chronicle will bring additional content, gameplay changes, performance improvements, and we will start to communicate in more detail about it around early September. Stay tuned though, we might start to tease a bit about it sooner than that through various social media ;)

We’re now making our final touches to the Second Dawn bug fixing patch, our Communication and QA teams are currently in contact with various players of Wolcen to gather their opinion on bug fixing, QoL improvements, and balancing changes. This feedback will allow us to refine some of our priorities for Second Dawn and future Chronicles.

In other news, Wolcen Studio is growing. Almost 10 new talented members have joined our team since the release, and we’re still recruiting for a lot of positions. We’re all progressively coming back to the office following the pandemic, but we’re now almost 50 and our current office is getting a bit crowded. Therefore, we also plan to move to new offices by the end of the year to be able to welcome everyone on-site if the circumstances allow it, and we will do our best to make sure that it doesn’t affect our schedule for the second Chronicle.

Finally, we will soon add a Support page on our website to facilitate contact with our Customer Support team. Instead of going through the Contact web form, you’ll now have a dedicated page to contact our Support team, who will answer your requests as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Created: 3 months ago

Category: Announcements

Cool. I really enjoy the game. Please make abilities "weeks" more viable. Regards!

Created: 3 months ago

continue so I have high hopes for the game

Created: 3 months ago

Great news. Also after chronicles i badly can wait for a new Wolcen expansion too.

My wallet is prepared, are you Wolcen Studio ? Bring it on.

About skills we would like to see. What is missing today it's mixed hero power. Per example a mage are casting a lot of magic and spell but when it's needed close-to-close combat a skill summon a sword/bow and all status (all magic status buff defensive status*¹) change for some seconds to make it prepared to kill body-to-body monsters.

Some nice and creative new stuff like this would be very welcome.

*¹ - Example for warrior mode spell transformation - After using harden mage summon a sword/bow - where he will equip this item in the spell slot space. So all force shield points will be turned in all resistance points temporarily, and all magic damage will be turned in physical attack temporarily.

(Edited 3 months ago)

Created: 3 months ago

Permadeath please

Created: 3 months ago

this game is amazing when its working. sound bugs are brutal. game crashes and seems extra buggy when playing with a friend....

Created: 3 months ago

Permadeath please

aaronbell024.ab Original Comment

Also not ;)

Created: 3 months ago

Hello, the game is very good, but my question is, because they do not solve the errors that the game has, in addition to the sudden closings, sometimes it becomes difficult to play and that detracts a lot from the potential of the game, if you read the comments of People who have played Wolcen will realize that this topic is very common and not solving it is hindering the adventure that you want to offer.

Created: 3 months ago

Also not ;)

Darkwave76 Original Comment

why not? its just an option people can choose. Like in d2/3. I don't mean everyone has to play permadeath, just an option for those of us who like playing that way:)

Created: 2 months, 4 weeks ago

Did they fix end-game items ? last time I checked (may 2020) they still sucked big time.

I'd love to return to the game when this is fixed... otherwise I don't have the motivation to grind and find rare but useless items with no specific uber power... I need items like D2...

HC mode would also be a nice addition... with Wolcen, I've never felt the same thrill I had when playing D2 HC...

just my 2cents

Created: 2 months, 3 weeks ago

All of this is stuff that you should expect BEFORE release

Created: 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Hope 1.1.0 has all the kickstarter content that is missing armour sets pets etc

Created: 2 months, 2 weeks ago

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