Technical Beta content: Phase 1. And some preview!

Hello everyone!

Before we give you the content planned for the first phase of the technical Beta, we’re very proud to share with you the brand new logo for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem!


Maybe you want to see more?

Beta content

As explained in the last news, the Beta transition will be handled in 2 phases of testing before we release it for everyone. The goal of these tests is to experiment the brand new content we prepared for you and ensure that the network and servers are handling it properly.
Once the experience is stable and satisfying, we will release the Beta.

Phase 1 starts in a few days now, on October 11th, and we wanted to inform you regarding the content you’ll be able to test for the first week of this technical Beta.

Weapons and armors

5 weapon types will be available: one-handed swords, bows, mage staff, two-handed hammer. We’re also introducing the off-hand catalyst. The catalyst is a charm that will allow your character to cast spells while using a one-handed weapon.
Dual-wielding will be available with one-handed swords.


On these weapons, you will be able to have 3 types of modifiers, it can be a generated affix, or you can add it through gems, providing you have a socket. Weapon modifiers deal elemental damages, it will impact your weapon combo and have a consequence on the overkill effect, depending on the element you use. For this phase, you will have Fire, Frost, and Poison modifiers.

You will also discover 3 new armors: light, medium and heavy armors for mages, rogues, and warriors, will be available.


For this phase, the PST will be deactivated. 6 revamped skills will be available, and each will have 4 AST improvements.

Frost Nova (now called Winter’s Grasp) and Frost Meteor (now called Tear of Etheliel) will be available the way you know them. However, Anvil’s Woe, Thunderstrike, Stings of Krearion and Wings of Ishmir are 4 revamped/new skills you will have the opportunity to discover during that phase.


The Active Skill Tree will offer you the possibility to improve these skills with various effects, umbra/rage cost reduced, range improved, more projectiles, damages improved, that’s just a few examples of the improvements you can apply on your skills/spells.



Face the new Svriirs, creatures of the Cult of Souls, and a few bandits during that phase.


Hub and dungeons

Nowhere will be used as a Hub for this phase. In there, you will have the possibility to join a randomly generated dungeon.


Other content

We’ve worked on a crash reporter! We wanted a more simple way for you to transfer your crash files to us so we can fix it. If your game crashes, you will see this window, allowing you to send us directly the information we need to work on the issue.


Multiplayer implementation

Since the main goal of this technical Beta is to see how the game reacts on our servers in Multiplayer, you will be able to experience the game with your friends! In the future, we will implement a matchmaking functionality so you can automatically find a group and play with other players, but for this version, you will only be able to add friends in your friend list if you wish to play with other players. This list is dissociated from Steam, so you will have to add your friends manually.

We will tell you how this system works exactly next week with the T-Beta launch news.

Advancement of the game

Most of our teams have now moved on to the Act 2 development. We wanted to share with you this little preview of their actual work in progress!


Final Beta content

We have decided to remove the story from the Beta content(coming after phase 2) to make a pure Gameplay Beta. This will allow us to deploy the content in regular patches as we move towards the release of the game, and drive the Beta tests on a pure gameplay aspect. That way, you will have regular new features to experiment through time.

The Gameplay Beta will allow you to explore all the different environments of the Act I, without being driven by the story. An NPC will be available in Stormfall to allow you to travel through the different maps, and the enemies will be scaled to your level (or the level of the party leader if you’re in Multiplayer).

Of course, we will tell you more about the Beta content, as we approach its release date.

On that note

Remaking the entire Act I gave us the opportunity to have new music in the game. Our composers provided us with a medley that we would like to share with you. We hope that you will appreciate the new ambiance of this soundtrack!

See you very soon for the launch of the T-Beta Phase 1!

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