The monsters of Wolcen: Part 1

Hi everyone !

Making a hack and slash game where combat felt great has always been an important goal for us at Wolcen Studio.
Since the game launched in Early Access we added per-weapon combo system, auto-dashing, a new passive skills tree and more. This has resulted in a tremendous increase in overall destructive power for our characters. Players can now unleash devastating elemental storms, dash from target to target at incredible speeds and fire multiple special ammunition types, while leaving a trail of blood and dead bodies in their wake.
It was clear we needed monster that could match the player character in fierceness.

Over the next devblogs, we’ll showcase new and revamped enemies that you’ll get to fight at some point. Enjoy !

First up is the improved ghoul. We added her a set of attacks that completely changes the way she fights. She is extremely mobile and you’ll have a hard time catching her without stuns and knockdown attacks. She can now attack from underground and throw the spikes on her back ! Believe us, you don’t want to get ambushed by a swarm of ghouls (we’ll make sure that it happens, of course)

There is also a new kind of foe that is the early result of our collaboration with kythera on AI behaviors. The Orc Crossbowman uses the new ranged behavior and will fire at you while keeping a minimum distance between you and him. He will also try to flee when in danger, in order to heal.

Stay tuned for the next devblog where we’ll unveil new baddies !

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