Update 0.3.7 : Skull Crusher, new armors and more !

Hi everyone !

Update 0.3.7 has been deployed ! A new monster is awaiting in the grass fields, the mighty Skull Crusher. We’ve already revealed some of his moves in a previous devblog and you can now fight against him if you wish to test your skills.

To help you turn the tide in your favor, we’ve added three new sets of armor to the game : two light and a medium armor set. Proper affixes should roll on those new armor types, so players can better gear their characters according to their playstyle.

We also improved the Orc Charger. His charge is now smoother, and he’ll fall to the ground when hitting a wall.

This should be the last update before our next big milestone, update 0.4.0, which will introduce new major mechanics and new content. A lot of background work has been done in the past weeks in order to prepare for this huge update, so expect changes in overall balance and feel of the game.

This is the changelog for update 0.3.7, enjoy !









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Created: 2 years, 9 months ago

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