Update 0.4.2: Dungeon Minimap, Improved Dash and more !

Hi everyone !

While developing update 0.5, progress has been made on a major feature that many of our players have been requesting for a long time : the minimap !
So here is update 0.4.2, feature a working minimap and overlay in dungeons, improved auto-dashing and more changes !


The new minimap is still work-in-progress and will be refined and improved in update 0.5, but is precise-enough for players to orient themselves within even complex environments.



Players can also bring up an overlay map in dungeons, which helps navigation in a big way. Fog-of-war will be added in a future update.



Dashing is now also more reliable and visually improved.



The transparency system has been improved too, and cases of flickering and visual artifacts have been eliminated.
We hope you’ll enjoy these new features ! Work on update 0.5 resumes.

Here’s the changelog with the rest of the changes :



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