Wrath of Sarisel: new skills and animation cancel

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Hello everyone!

In last week’s announcement, we gave you the global content planned for the next Content Patch, including “5 new skills and their dedicated modifiers”. Today, we will introduce 2 of these new skills. There is still work to do on our side before they’re final, but you can already have a glimpse on their aspect and their mechanics.

But first...


We’re happy to inform you that this highly anticipated improvement is progressing well, and we plan to make its first version live with the next Content Patch. Developing and tweaking such a system takes time and requires testing in the field, but even if it will be the first version, it will already reduce drastically the feeling of clunkiness in the game.

You can already see the difference it will make with Consuming Embers:



And here is another example with Havoc Orb:




We’re introducing this new skill with the next content patch. It will allow you to drop a turret on the ground targeting the direction your character is facing, or carry the turret yourself and use it as a channeled attack if you hold the skill. You need to carry a pistol, a bow, or a dagger to use it.

‘Avenger’ Autoturret comes with several modifiers to improve its efficiency, damage, targeting, or even allow you to make it explode.


Here are some of the modifiers linked to that skill that we can presently show you.

Additional cannon

Double the fun by adding an additional cannon to your turret.


“Shotgun” effect

Add some AOE effect to your turret at close range.


Automatic targeting

Let the turret automatically track your targets and kite them like a boss.



This new skill will allow you to charge to and through your enemies with a primordial shield. It will require a shield equipped to work.

Its modifiers will allow you to improve its speed, make it a channeled skill, add various types of damage to it such as a wave at the end of the charge or trails, or even grant you some protection by destroying projectiles thrown at you while you’re using it.


Here are some of the modifiers linked to that skill that we can presently show you.

Channeled Warpath

Take control of the direction while you use the skill and use it for a longer duration, as long as you have available rage.


Warpath trails

Leave a trail of damaging areas behind you. The fire effect here is a temporary one, this variant might not be adding fire trails when Wrath of Sarisel goes live.


We hope that you appreciate these new skills and changes brought with the next Content Patch. Stay tuned, because we will share more of these in the upcoming weeks, as we approach the release of Wrath of Sarisel.

Thank you for your support!

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Holy cow!
Give me a turret right now :)

Your progress is awesome by the way!

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