Wrath of Sarisel: Hotfix 1.2.1


  • Shrines buff distance upon completion is increased from 25m to 35m
  • Shrines buffs values have been reviewed:
    - Movement speed bonus is decreased from +100% to +70%.
    - Life Leech bonus is decreased from +20% to +15%.
    - Critical Chance Score bonus is increased from +20% to +50%.
    - Critical Damage bonus is increased from 20% to 50%.
    - Health bonus is increased from +20% to +25%.
    - Force Shield bonus is increased from +20% to +35%.
    - Status Ailment Score bonus is increased from 20% to 50%.
    - Attribute bonus is increased from 20 to 25.


  • Genesis Unique item shoudn't cast 100 spells anymore.
  • Sea Tamer now indicates that you can proc lightning instead of "cast Thunderstrike" since it doesn't cast the spell itself.
  • Damaskus final legendary chest reward disappeared for players connected since the update. It should not be the case anymore.


  • The Untainted Mindsealer selection capsule has been improved to fit the creature's shape.
  • While fighting an Untainted Shadowblade in solo, you should not have a warning message dedicated to Multiplayer anymore.
  • Expedition rewards should not provide white quality items anymore.


  • All skills with less than 1 second cooldown now have a 0.1 second cooldown.
  • 'Avenger' Autoturret range has been reduced.


  • Update on various lines and typo corrections.
  • Russian localization has been updated and is now available.


  • Some skills getting stuck until the resource is depleted are fixed, we're still working on the remaining skills.
  • Characters should no longer be stuck after finishing the campaign.
  • Several candidate fix for various client crashes.

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Thank you! Good job!

Created: 4 years, 8 months ago

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