[] Entering Apocalyptic Form removes any Damage-Multiplier from summons


When entering the apocalyptic form, every damage multiplier from the Summons are canceled, making them basically useless. Also fix the apocalyptic forms in general, as they are still useless - yet one of the most selling points for your game. (Guess you guys don't event see the potential / or analyzed the market you are in. sadly.)

The Images below show the true damage (outside of apoc form) of one of my summons skill and while entering (the skill bar will then be transformed shortly to the apoc-form skills, this tooltip is only visible for a short amopunt of time, yet good to see, that no multipliers keep being active)

True damage:


Returning to "normal form" out of apoc form will reset the damage multipliers then, so they are working again.


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Created: 1 year, 10 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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