[] UI Issues for every 21:9 resolutions, Full Content Blocker

Hey folks,

In the WarTable (your brandnew feature, which obviously wasn't tested yet again) the difficulty animation and the Rewards section are totally off - to a point where its not useable nor playable. The Player literally cannot play / activate a mission and by that is basically unable to play the game / mode itself. Preventing a player in that sort of manner is a Priority A or even S Fix, that should be fixed within hours after releasing an almost 10gb patch.
In the image below i've been using 2560x1080, but its also occuring for 3440x1440 or any other 21:9 resolution (tested for fullscreen, windowed fullscreen and windowed) Please step up your QA-game, as it is currently absolutely embarrassing - especially after being 2 years in.


Seems like the Quality Assurance messed up yet again. Please consider having "someone" play your newest patch before releasing it to the public - as there are SOOO obvious bugs, that you cannot tell a decent user, you are indeed checking / testing the game, before releasing something. Using the remaining and rather slim playerbase as your QA-Team is pretty sassy - and thats exactly how playing the game feels like.


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Created: 10 months, 1 week ago

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Exactly ... putting out a bug like this is not funny. And even worse is this silence. Two sentences would be enough - we know about the error and we will fix it as soon as possible. Honestly, this fix should be released today. Unfortunately, despite my sympathy for the title, I do not see a better future for Wolcen. There were hopes, a chance, but eventually the title would lose to the competition and be forgotten.

Created: 10 months, 1 week ago

Confirmed for me too -- Ultrawide resolution no longer playable due to War Table UI design. Scaling down the UI using the slider in Settings doesn't work either. Screenshot in Tweet below.


Created: 10 months, 1 week ago

Same here with LG 34" 21/9 2560*1080 screen, switching to windowed or fullscreen windowed doesnt help
as it was working great with previous system i think someone forgot to do his job...
this kind of bug is a bit ridiculous...

Created: 10 months ago

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