Gate of Anakis wont open

Defeated boss gate made the sound of opening but never did. This happened both online and offline. I cannot complete act 1 to get to additional content. I tried reloading, teleporting in and out. Nothing works. I know the content is accessable because i see people playing on youtube. The gate just doesnt open for me.

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Created: 1 month, 1 week ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

A friend and I had to "Reach the Core" and "Defeat Edric" about 9 times (27 times total as you have to defeat Edric 3 times once the fight initially starts) before we were able to finish the last quest. We would end up defeating Edric, then got stuck on the "Talk to the Primordial Guardian Spirit" step in the quest, because we were unable to click on the Spirit. It was there, and when hovering the mouse it would highlight, however nothing ever actually happened. On the 9th attempt, there was still a bug, however after running around for about 20 minutes, Mizzeonth randomly started talking and we were able to click on her...

I would say this is a MAJOR issue...

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Created: 1 month ago

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