Impossible to move the character and to use the skills

I run maps with 5 mods + Untainted modifier. That has happened to me 3 times already. I have two videos, but it's impossible to attach them here.

After I clear the map and kill the final boss (but without opening the final chest) I run through the map again to find the chests/shrines that I've missed. That happens after the interaction with the offering shrine. After interacting with the shrine and choosing the item that you want, your left mouse button (LMB) and skills stop working. You cannot move, attack, interact with objects and NPCs.So it becomes impossible even to finish the level, because you cannot interact with the final chest. Dying doesn't help.

It helps to relog, but you loose the map and 10 000 gold and 3 000 affinity (cost to open the location) is lost. You also get NO loot, gold, affinity after finishing the map, which is REALLY frustrating.

Thanks in advance!

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Created: 1 year ago

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Hello there!

Would you be able to capture footage of this issue occurring and send it to [email protected], along with your wolcentag?

Many thanks

Created: 1 year ago

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