Serious audio issue

Audio at times suddenly drops significantly in heavy fights when lots of sound effects are triggered (e.g. in the Svriir caves). This appears like being struck by an acute hearing loss, making me quite dizzy at times.
While I'm at it: another big issue for me is not getting to loot sometimes, or only after 10 to 20 tries to pick it up, if not giving up altogether. Similar issue with the Svriir egg clusters that are shaped like a ")" - if you approach those from the side attacking them, the char only runs against them, even though he's right next to the red marking on them (and there's no path finding so that he goes to the middle of them to hit the "right" spot).

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Created: 7 months, 1 week ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Thank you for the report Inouk. We'll check that.
Regarding your looting issue, this might be related to the resolution. We recommend to use a resolution fitting the screen you play on and avoid the windowed setting if you're using it.

Created: 7 months ago

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