Soldier of Fortune resets Story progress

lvl 10 character in offline mode was at the point in the story where you have defeated the assassin in the inn and the story directs you to the farmlands to try and find the flayer stronghold. decided to check out lower level soldier of fortune, did one quest in SoF mode, and hopped back in to story mode, and my story had reset all the way back to the beginning.

My character was OK, he was still lvl 10, still had all his gear, and all the stuff was still in his inventory, I just had to start the story over again. Progress and quest rewards were also available again.

EDIT: Tried it on my lvl 20 toon that finished the whole story, same deal. It almost feels like there is supposed to be a mechanic to allow you to select what part of the story you want to start in, but it's not there, so it just drops you to the beginning of act one.

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Created: 8 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Thanks for the report Malachi, we're going to take a look at this and make sure it's not a problem at the release :)

Created: 8 months ago

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