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Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to this community. I have finished the game and it has an awesome storyline as well, I love the game in general :) The difficulty is well adjusted, however I will have some suggestions for smoother gameplay.

There are some small bugs that I have noticed such as:

  • Annihilation beam and other spells not hitting targets although they fall on them and aimed at them. I sometimes have to recast the spell which is a huge manadrain and sometimes that is the difference between life and death.

  • Sometimes, annihilation beam gets stuck and you cannot move without recasting the spell, which is also a huge manadrain.

  • Sometimes when you die (usually when playing with other people), you fall off the map. It's not really that important but could be fixed.

  • Aether Walk spell doesn't cast at all if you aim it too far from yourself. It could just go to max distance if you aim it too far, and that would be much nicer in my opinion.

  • A big one is when you're playing with other players, even when you all die, you don't get off combat and you have to recreate the game, which consumes some time.

  • Looting items could be smoother, I've gotten pretty good at it but in the beginning, it took me a long time to master that and was kind of annoying. You have to know exactly where to click, just clicking on the name doesn't work.

Some non-bug suggestions are:

  • It would be really nice to have some sort of talent calculator on the website. It would also give the website more usage and create a more tightly knit community.

  • Again, it would be really nice if the characters transferred from online mode to offline mode. Sometimes I want to play alone but I have to go online mode because I have already farmed my character back there. Depending on the internet, sometimes there might be lag in the online mode even if you're playing alone and it creates some problems sometimes.

  • Drinking potions, I feel like it could be smoother. It has a weird global cooldown where you have to stop to drink (which makes sense in the real world). I understand that you can't drink while casting spells for obvious reasons, but you should be able to while running I feel like.

  • One very important improvement would be to allow trading of items between players. It would be really helpful since items drop for my friends that I need and the items they need drop for me. It would be more efficient and end-game oriented if we could trade items, at least when we are in the same party during the kill.

  • There is no animation canceling once you start hitting, firing bolts etc. It decreases smoothness of the game. If animation canceling could be incorporated and improved, that would be really nice.

These are my suggestions. Thank you for the awesome game!



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Calistaen [Wolcen Staff] Wolcen Official

Thank you for taking the time to share these bugs and thoughts Kraberesque :)

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