Can't create a new Online game

After patch I can't create a new online game.
I see my character at login screen but after long time a message says "Game creation failed"
So I guess that patch broke the game completly!

Switching to offline mode to play works fine though!
Hope you can get a fix for this soon.

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Created: 4 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Hello Ghosthunter,

Thank you for the report. Have you tried changing the server in your Network options to see if another location would work? If not, could you please try and let me know?

Created: 4 months ago

It worked yesterday again when i tried. I didn't know that there was a server choice in the setting so that's good to know. :)
If the problem occurs in the future, I will try change it and see if that helps!
Thanks for the response!

Created: 4 months ago

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