Impossible to relog into party after disconnect

After Disconnect (bluescreen, inet connection lost, whatever) it is impossible to restart the game and log into the old group to resume where the disconnect happened. Group sees the disconnected player as "in party" but the client of the disconnected player has to start a new game. Old Partyleader cant kick the disconnected player out of group and cant reinvite. Everyone has to end the session and then it is possible to reinvite to group for playing together again.

Pls fix to make it possible to resume the game in party where the disconnect happened.

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Created: 3 months, 1 week ago

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even with a lost connection or blue screen the player remains in the party, i had a few crashes Before or lost connection because of power plugs. you remain in the party even when you close the game and at least 1 player is still online.

so its normal that you remain in the party. at the beginning you create a session with the players in your party, these players can drop off and Reconnect. you can even teleport to friends with the help of friend list.

every time i had to Reconnect i was able to resume my team, even in boss fights

Created: 3 months, 1 week ago

i wonder how one can do that. We always play "private game" as a party and invite via F-List.
Can you tell me the exact steps to relog to that session after disconnect? Maybe relog can only be done in public game? What do U use?

As I mentioned, after I restart the game the session for my client is lost. I start up in the character screen, not in a party. If I start a new game, it is a new game. I cant invite my old party members, because they are in the party before the disconnect. I cannot be invited from my old partymembers again, because the game thinks I am already in that party, although this isnt correct anymore.

Created: 3 months, 1 week ago

for me i start the game and already in main menu i see 3 people, then i just can press start and it automaticly re-joins the game wich takes ages to connect to. Currently at holiday, so cant recreate a disconnection failure if my friends want to farm red gear.

Created: 3 months, 1 week ago

i m back and did not have a change to re-create your problem, i did play with friends but no problems have occours

maybe you already have a solution?

Created: 3 months ago

no solution, but didnt try it again. Can you pls tell if its private game oder public game where you reconnected to? We always played private game.
Thanks in advance!

Created: 3 months ago

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