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Random Freezes


Hey, since the alpha releases i'm having this random freezes from time to time, it last from 10 to 45 seconds with no apparent reason to cause this. In the alpha version i used to play with a Nvidia graphic card (a GTX 780 i think) and now on the latest beta i have a AMD Radeon RX 580 but the freezes still happens. My graphic card drive is up to date, my Windows 10 is up to date too. I also tryied to play with diferent graphics settings (lowest and highest) but the freezes still happens. I did formated my PC after i installed my new graphic card and did a clean installation of the game too.
... i did find another thread on another site saying that my game was probably consuming 100% of my CPU but i have this MSI Afterburner and RivaTunerStatisticsServer installed showing that was not the case. Is this a thing to all or something on my PC?

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2 Monate her


Hi, with me this does not happen, I do not remember what settings on my PC but it is not very strong no

2 Monate her


Its weird and clearly not a "graphic" problem because the game itself, when not frozen, runs smoth and 70+ fps. Not sure what may be causing this

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