I made fake announcment post and get banned from discord

Sorry so made that bad decision, just wanna bring my ideas to you...
Next time if ill do something like that i make people know so its just
or even dont do something like that at all if you dont like it (
My discord id Jaebola#3598

We continue our efforts day and night with our partner to remove all major issues.
We want yo share with you about our plans for next 24 hours.
We will keep you informed if anything changes. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Major bugs wich prevent to playing our product even its have some issues. Fixes will be deployed in next 1 hour
1.Cant enter next floor or continue quest due to you already not connected to server but dont get dissconnected for some reason
2.My stashtab or item dissapeared after relogin
3.Putting any item to transmute,increase item quality or rarity project cause not enter game again after you log off or disconnected (crash after "Checking game version")
4.Few stucks beetwin act quests

Major bugs which prevent player get game expreriece as intended, all problem will be fixed in 24hour
1.Stack unstack gold dupping
2.Shield block skill point node on the tree x50 multiplier its 100 times more then intended
3.Party Uber boss reward dupping using
4.Few problem node on the tree (cant fix all atm)
5.Party lobby item duping (all item in stash multiplied by 2) using fast relog from solo lobby to
6.Other 7 not that commont exploits wich same way ruin online ARPG gameplay

After all exploits will be fixed there will be clear wave of people who used it
What does it mean?
The person flagged,
if he get quest reward twice for same quest more then 3 times
if the person get more then 200k gold from crystal selling
If the person dupped valuable ingame currencies such as craft resourses (tier 9-12 gems), endgame consumbles
ilvl 50+ legendaries and uniques
If person other 7 known exploits and not known explits for now

What does it mean "clear wave"
All characters will set to level 40
All gold exept 50k will be deleted
Expedition progression will not changed
All building progression will be deleted (if you have unlocked skillpoint or skill slot it will be removed also)

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Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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