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1h vs 2h weapons suggestions and discussion.


Good time of day.

Currently the difference between 1h and 2h weapons are base damage and attack/cast speed, which isn't really acceptable, since you can literally have twice the amount of affixes and sockets while dual-wielding.

The obvious solution would be to double the bonuses and amount of sockets on 2h weapons, but I assume there is a reason why it haven't been done that way. So, I'd like to hear opinions of players who played with both 1h and 2h weapons and anything from devs too, since this problem wasn't mentioned in any of the blog posts.

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Created: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Category: Community Feedback section

1 month, 1 week ago

Calistaen [Wolcen Staff] Wolcen Official

1 month ago

Calistaen [Wolcen Staff] Wolcen Official

I'll reply then, balancing is still a work in progress and it will be improved in the future :) Of course, 1h and 2h weapons are not meant to have the exact same amount of affixes, gems, attack speed, or damage.

1 week, 3 days ago


They shouldn't have the exact same as those, however, the OP has a point.... If I can get 4 affixes on two weapons and socket them with damage increasing gems...combined with faster attack speeds, there's no way a 2H would be able to even compete with damage output.

Also.. is there a way to post screenshots?

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