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Hi there Wolcen team, just something I wished i could do while playing your Beta. Being able to rebind my left mouse button to a skill would be really nice. Would make hybrid builds that balance the two resources a bit more enjoyable for me. I was trying to do a mage/mele hybrid, but i had to put my main rage skill on a strange button and it became more tedious than fun to me, so i just went full mage at the end. Not sure if some one has already mentioned this, so sorry for the repost if that is the case. Other than that I had a great time playing your beta, your bosses are actually hard! Very excited for full game.

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Created: 3 months, 2 weeks ago

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Some days ago I died on last expedition level and didnt get any reward because sometimes the character just autoatacks targets after roll or aether jump.

So rebinding LMB or disabling autoatacks at all with some button would be really nice

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