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put the auction house, it would be the best choice for the end of the game, any auction house game has a long life

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How about no? Auction house function in actuality, destroys games. This game has no need to become a farm gear>sell in auction house simulator like D3 was in it's beginnings.

Created: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Nothing wrong with auction houses in games.

If you get drops that don't work with, or are of no use to, your build, being able to sell them offers others more opportunities.

Created: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

They could also go somewhere along the same lines of path of exiles trading system which is a more active style of trading to keep players interacting with each other.

Created: 1 month, 1 week ago

No AH planned for the moment, but sure, it could change in the future

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An ingame auction house would be really good in my opinion.
If you have ever played PoE you know how annyoing and time consuming the extern system is.
Never use real currency in an auction system like in D3 that ruined the whole auction house.

In my opinion something between would be the best.
For example i have the Argand´s Hearth golves and i want as a trade The Trial Belt. I just leave them in the auction house.
The bidders can put the belt as a trade in there and when i see it i can choose which one i*m gonna take.

kind of a item trader. Just use the trade windows from the ingame trade. Then you can trade for example The Trial belt for 2X 1Hand high dps weapons and so on.

Created: 1 month, 1 week ago

Players who feel that auction houses are a bad idea typically use the following logic:
D3 had an auction houses --> D3 was bad --> auction houses are bad

Here are several issues with trading that can be eliminated by implementing an in-game auction house with robust search filters (some of which were taken from a different post of mine):
1. Direct trading requires players to constantly spam trade chat or leave the game in order to use 3rd party web sites or applications.
2. Direct trading can cause finding a powerful item that is tradable feel like a chore rather than a moment of excitement. Direct trading the item requires you to leave the game in order assess the value of the item, spam trade chat for an extended period of time or list the item on some 3rd party web site, stop what you are doing once a buyer is found in order to trade the item, and then hope that you didn't get ripped off because you underestimated the value of the item. Now imagine having to do this several times per gaming session and you see the problem.
3. Many players lash out at other players when they disagree about an item's price. This often creates a toxic experience when buying or selling items, especially for new or casual players.
4. Games like Wolcen are all about acquiring awesome items. Direct trading makes that process annoying (e.g., trade chat spam), rather than challenging (e.g., killing difficult mobs).
5. Both players must be online in order to do a direct trade.
6. Direct trading is inefficient and time consuming which takes significant time away from players being able to enjoy the awesome gameplay and features that Wolcen offers.

Personally, I would prefer for the game to prevent all trading. But, a well implemented auction house might be a good balance between players who like to trade and players who prefer to avoid the issues associated with direct trading.

Created: 3 days, 10 hours ago

we need just a poe trade or global tade like poe

Created: 2 days, 4 hours ago

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