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More Zoom Level missing (zoom out)
By salix13 · · in Environments
Replies 0 Activity
Ailment stack tracking
By auspexx · · in Quality Of Life
Replies 1 Activity
More then 6 save slots?
By Grommy · · in Quality Of Life
Replies 0 Activity
Make pink itens be better than red itens by nature - create a new gem to be used only in pink itens
By verdi.11 · · in Endgame
Replies 0 Activity
Create Apocalyptic Form Wheel of Fate in this new city by projects npc
By verdi.11 · · in Apocalyptic Forms
Replies 0 Activity
By verdi.11 · · in Quality Of Life
Replies 0 Activity
Serpentine Affinity (+Poison Stack Duration) not working
By Heartfist · · in Passive Skills
Replies 0 Activity
Untainteds and bosses
By Photoboomer · · in Enemies
Replies 1 Activity
Another expedition and 20 minutes of my time wasted, add an unstick button
By Photoboomer · · in Quality Of Life
Replies 0 Activity
Light-bringer nerfed?
By Ahdee · · in Active Skills
Replies 0 Activity
Skill Modifiers (Infinity Blade)
By deroxking · · in Active Skills
Replies 2 Activity
Silent nerf on proud repraisal
By Deathhelmet.8051 · · in Passive Skills
Replies 2 Activity
Allow offline to online on diff server
By Valcros · · in Quality Of Life
Replies 1 Activity
Flameberge ?
By mfo46 · · in Items
Replies 2 Activity
Unique Double stacking affect bug on one item Link is Below
By cab899 · · in Items
Replies 0 Activity
Gold goblin infinite gold again Link is below
By cab899 · · in Enemies
Replies 0 Activity