Allow skills power upgrade scaled with high level 40-50-60-65-70-75-80~90

Skills should perform better at high level. To give all player level progress power sensation otherwise we level and we don't feel reward enough.

So some skills should allow to drop one upgrade version of it when we reach higher level. So with level 40 we would be able to drop the first skill upgrade. And from level 80 to 90 each level should offer one skill upgrade.

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Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

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Hi verdi,

I'm trying to follow what you are saying. By "drop" an upgraded version of it you mean having a better tier of enneracts with higher number right? And by skill upgrade, to you mean more rune modifier points? Just trying to understand the idea.

Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

Hello Frat. Yeah. I mean when we hit level 40 first time a new enneract to upgrade a little the other will be able to drop. This new enneract we would level it since level 1. Because they are leveling separately. It's one sinergy one help the other and let it better.

The new enneract they can boost time (dauration)/damage/debuff/area of effect/boost wheel of fate bonuses affecting this skill by x%/boost affixes from gears which benefit this skill by y%. There are a lot stuff to do.

So this way when we hit level 70 / 80 we would have some nice stuff to level. Sure they will level slowly from level 1 because they are high level tiers enneract upgrade. Those would be a great apply for the gameplay evolution. Nowadays we run 100-200 expedition and we don't feel we are really getting powerful, this way would be very nice.

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This makes a lot more sense!

I think I get it. It sounds like the main complaint is that continuing to level (including leveling skills) seems to have a negligible affect on power gain, while almost all of it is due to gear.

Your idea sounds similar to Final Fantasy 7's materia where when you master a materia, you get another one (but in this case it would be a higher quality). You could then level that and continue to feel the difference in power as wekk as have an addition goal as you run expeditions. I like the idea, but it does sound a like pain to balance, haha.

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The wiser way to do it's to allow new builds / and old builds with new skills variants. If they just boost/enpower a lot for more damage so this is just powercreep. There is no problem to boost these new enneract for 30-50% but surely these new enneracts would appear to help to clean low expeditions better (130-150) from this expedition on this enneract should get some penalties.


New enneract at level 70 buff the skill for 100% more damage. But this should scale down with higher expeditions. E.g. 160 expedition 30% boost amount penalty evolving this penalty until expedition 187 90% damage boost penalty. So this way it protect the game from being too easy and at same time it allow every player to run a lot of builds instead just bleeding edge etc.

This is ideal to feel the character getting more power indepedently from gear. Because right now if you are level 60 and you rise to level 75-80 you dont feel much difference if you have the exactly gear set up you need for a build. With this way we would really feel each level more rewarding in terms of power progression in one action rpg. It would estimulate players to play more. The current system i don't feel encouraged to get more level.

They said they will make leveling system easier on league but it's not about this. Imagine you work for 20 hours and you get 10 bucks you will skip this work.So all effort should be directly compensating.

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We do like you Idea. It would be a pleasure if you can work it out in a few strict sentence. I add your Thread in our Community-Suggestion-Thread, now.

I have a progress Idea too. At the Moment just the "using" Active Skills get Level Up. What did you think if Players get 7-8 Points to choose 7-8 Active Skills what will level too.

-7-8 Active Skill Level Points
-choose up to 8 Active Skills what get Experience
-non in using Skills get a little lesser Experience

(That we mean with little more strict sentence)
Ah here the Collectors Links

Why Ju

Update - You are in the Collection. You can reply there, but best way is to use your own Thread in here.

Strict it Up for better understanding, please. May you do our community best favor if you work it out for two or three Skills.

You are Welcome verdi.11

Extra Information. The Thread is a little bit hard to find. Show it to your friends.
We do Mailing with our Lady Community Director and will Update the Thread step by step with any well Community Suggestion. The Thread is in Directors . WolcenGame Developer Crews sight.

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Me have got a instinct idea about.
What you do think if every 10 Skill Levels could be a Option to choose between ..3.. Types of improvement.
That make the Active Skill-System more complex, unique and added value.
Next reason is that the Modus of duplication of Skills is more needfully.


(For Example) : +Damage, +Healing, +Effect , +Defense, +Attack speed, +/- duration ,effect size , +resource bonus up to another Type of Damage
and so on....

Like the Attribute System instead for Active Skills to added value of each Skill, may in a planed or little more Unique form. (Duplicated Skill, another plan, or may another chance)

Thank you.

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Created: 2 years, 5 months ago

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