Spamming Skills (Embers and Thunderstrike) NEED BIG BUFF

This game greatly rewards DoT type of powers (Bulwark, Anomaly, Tear of Etheliel, etc". There is no willpower issue.

But spamming skills like Consuming Embers and Thunderstrike have horrible willpower cost.

I am Level 74, and I can't spam either skills with tons of willpower reduction, transfer time reduction and willpower+ from sockets, I even took like 5 nodes on willpower cost reduction.

On top of it, the damage is not that high considering the cost of willpower.

1) Consuming Embers:
- reduce willpower cost by at least 20% from current base
- increase base damage by 15% at minimum
- "Seeking Flames": should only increase willpower by like 40 at the most (not 66)

2) Thunderstrike: (worst power in this game)
- this power should be a fast spamming power, but the base willpower cost is ridiculous high. Please reduce willpower cost by at least 40% from current base, so we can have a fast-spamming build by having spell increase speed
- base number of bounce should be at least "4" (not 3)
- Path of Woe: should +2 bounce to be worth it
- Unwavering Conviction: AoE on this power is fine if you increase the bounce to 4 (base) with Reprisal. This power could be +40% damage when there is no bounce. So this skill modification can be chosen for single-target damage.

I love these two skills, but the willpower on both skills are ridiculous.

Please improve the willpower cost and base damage.

Thank you.

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Created: 1 week, 4 days ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

I agree with the increase in damage but since I am using mage/warrior, I need costly willpower spells to fast charge my rage. Maybe its better to have improved modifiers instead. Reduce more willpower cost and another which increase willpower cost for damage.

Created: 1 week, 4 days ago

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