What have to be changed from my site.

Hello Wolcen makers and players .

My name is Mateusz im from poland i my experience in playing this type of games is around more than 20 years . This is not first when game have problem with bugs, skills and extensions to make players happy. Many players bought this game in Early Acces Alpha like me because i know this game have something what is worth to play and spend time.

Let's go to the point about active skills. Maybe is not many skills but this skills what already exist in game, there are not enough balanced. Every next patch nerve one skills but upgraded another one. Personally from my site this is not the point to doing like that. If one skill doing job and playing this build giving players fun then try upgrade rest skills. You can don't need change everything from begining. Just try upgrade main damage of skill and change skills modifiers thats all. What i can see after patch skills which one was playable is completely crap and useless.

My Suggestion is :
- Leave skills which one are playable so only these ones where player can do with full gear Expeditions 187.
- Other skills try upgrade main damage (base damage)
- Change skills modifiers
- Don't create another new skills because the game will have more issues and still be not balanced.
- Focus on balancing skills to make game playabale not only like it's one build in game with high damage .

This my idea about active skills.

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Created: 8 months, 4 weeks ago

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