Zombie skills

I really enjoy playing summoner builds but these two skills seem very weak. Even with the increased health modifiers they seem to die very often. Also another gripe i have is they shouldn't be two separate skills at all, especially with how weak they are. At best i feel like these two should be combined into one. A few suggestions would be first cast makes 1 warrior and 1 hunter, second cast would make the other two. While at max zombies pressing the button would cause the warrior to charge to your target while the hunters fire on the target. If that would possibly make it imbalanced (which i don't see how considering they die fairly quickly) you could even add either the warrior or the hunter zombies as a skill modifier. As of right now, playing full summon especially while leveling feels very underwhelming, so it would be nice to open up a slot for a direct damage skill since parasite doesn't work on everything.

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Created: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Feeding Swarm feels really weak with a very low life pool

Created: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Yeah, I've tried using feeding storm and I like the concept, but my zombies die way too easily, to the point where there's almost no point in using them. I'm in the process of switching my build.

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Hi, today i try test bull build summon with all skill they show us , but i m really disapointed -_- , clearly they need make more wokr on skill summon , like the health is tooooooo much lowww , they die so fast , and for daamage and clear speed is veryyy sad ,
im level 15 and summon cant beat a simple trash monster oO , they need buff summon or add damage with attribut per level

Created: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Yes, they die quite quickly but you could stand back and send new ones into battle.
My main problem is half of the time they don't even attack but stand back and do nothing. In some boss fights they don't even ever attack the boss and are useless (unless there are some trashmobs)

Created: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Agreed. The main issues with summon skills are as follow :

  • Minions die way too fast even with the PST nodes that sacrifice your own health to grant them damage reduction. Given the magnitude of the downside, these nodes should make Minions practically unkillable.
  • Damage is extremely underwhelming. I'm not quite sure if Minions benefit from stats like "X damage added to spells", but that would be a neat addition.
  • Minion movement speed is way too slow. Melee Minions have to move more than their masters and need to move fast in order to be efficient at all.
  • AoE is lackluster at best. Melee Minions should have a way to deal more splash damage and Hunting Swarm could benefit greatly from a modifier that increases the number of projectiles shot with each attack.

    Other issues that are more subjective :

  • Minion diversity could be greater. Skeletons, more golem types, etc.

  • You aren't a true Necromancer with less than 10 Minions. The Minion cap for each summoning skill should be raised (susbstantially in the case of Feeding Swarm).
  • We could get passives that increase our own damage and survivability based on the number of Minions we command.

PoE and Last Epoch are doing Minions right. Go take a look and take some inspiration from it !

Created: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

I'll second LE as someone doing minions right. I love their implementation and it's satisfying to have 20-30 minions swarming around. :)

Created: 1 month, 1 week ago

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