Let's talk about crafting. More powerfull gems.

Hi all .

I want only say this game need more things to do in end-game . If we will have accesibility to create more powerfull games from this game what we have in drop will be better because level from 1 to 70 is going very quick so is no point to hold all size games on low level. I will suggest to put them on end game .

More powerfull games just upgrade the statistics rest staying same. My Suggestion is :

first size = 20 level
next size = 40 level
next size = 60 level .

Then gems dont have level which one you need to use but you can upgrade your self to make a better.

4th size is in drop but rest sizes you can make only in crafting table. Let's make 10th of them.
Can be like that , last one will be 10th size powerfull gem.
1 - 4 - 16 - 64 - 256 - 1024 . This maybe too much because to do 1 the best gem you need 1024 4th-size gems but is always another crafting system to make better gems.

10 size of gems ex. Rend Damge.every level you can increase 3 - 3 damage and this will be enough .

Why i suggested change system gems ?
Reason is very simple low level gems no one use . Will be usable only if the leveling in this game will take a lot of long like in MMORPG games when maximu level you getting in 6 - 12 months non stop playing then yes. Wolcen at the moment have to focus on end game system to give players oppurtinity stay and play after max level.

Best Regards

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Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

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